The Risk of Imagining

In Order to Know, must we Imagine?

To attempt the interrogation of the limits of representation of histories of unutterable violence, an alternative space hopes to be grounded by Planet y0uph0ria, as an attempt to consider the experiences of trauma, collapsing barriers of truth production, and their accessibility. A space between life and the archive, stimulated through the possibilities of the digital; it produces access to a data base of CGI possibilities, installations, poetry, etc.: unravelling truths. In order to interact contemporaneously with trauma and its aftermath, it requires an attempt at making sense of the unutterable through a substance, which, is felt—an inner experience. Planet y0uph0ria, as a research-led practice will attempt to make unutterable violence audible, through a methodology that fuses experience, sensing and sense-making.

Planet y0uph0ria extends from the experience of the world; it is attuned to sensing and producing a space with the capacity to register the existing truths of violence by individuals and community’s exterior to the governed machine. The space and method that planet y0uph0ria inhabits’, aim to act as a truth practice, not merely a practice of truth, but an opening into varying forms of truth. The truth and facts of y0uph0ria are produced in conjunction with capacities of sensing and sense-making. Sensing can be identified as an attuned entity which is registered or affected; sensemaking, can thus, be defined as the capacity of sensing becoming knowledge. The urgency of working with sensing and sense-making has majorly evolved from the basis of confronting the unutterable and histories of unutterable violence. Thus, arriving at, the questioning of our understanding, regarding the logics of unutterable violence through harvesting our attentions toward sensing and sensemaking.

Through y0uph0ria, we continuously attempt the depiction of unutterable speech acts through imagination as an attempt to create an accessible form of alternative representation, that can embody histories of violence, beyond the universal.

In attempt to embody this practice, there have been regular shifts in emphasizing
y0uph0ria_s processes and functions within the augmented spaces created. The spaces have been continuously tested through methodologies of exhibition, curation, writing workshops, group discussions as well as personal discussions came; the results of these came with their own provocations and self-questioning.

Thus, I return to y0uph0ria_s futility, yet perhaps the vital outcome of these forms of methodologies has been, the conclusion, that imagination cannot be respected as fact within the social realms of today,  which is also, the distinction that draws a barrier between social practices and art practices.

Nonetheless, y0uph0ria_ attempts to continue questioning the extent of knowledge within trauma infused events, and its processes of being voiced through the unknowable. It drives our thought toward, imagining and the inner experience as a source of knowledge.